What could be our Perfect dog breed?

Hey! We are looking for a dog, which will make a perfect addition to our family. I’ll make a bulleted list of things we are looking for –>
-small in size (up to 15-20 lbs, a lap dog)
-Does not shed (we are willing to get grooming, but both my dad and brother have allergies to fur)
-can stay home for approx. 8-9 hours either in a room or a crate
-relatively easy to train (we will most likely get an adult who should already be trained, i think)
-doesn’t need too much exercise, but should be able to go on walks
-friendly with children (6 yr old) and occasional elderly people (60ish)
-able to tolerate both extreme cold and moderate heat (we live in Pennsylvania now, but will move to New Hampshire next year)

yup. we need a breed that doesn’t shed, is small, and can stay home for some time


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12 Responses to “What could be our Perfect dog breed?”

  1. syco noodles says:

    you doint need a dog,, every dog needs daily exercise amd has to go out, leaving a dog inside 24hrs is NOT a good idea

  2. Karen says:

    Check into information on cairn terriers. This is what Toto from the Wizard of Oz was. They are small, 12-13 pounds, do not shed, very smart, very sturdy.
    However, they’re very independent, need daily walks and play, and they can be a bit hyper. If brought up in a loving family, they are very friendly with people but not so much with other dogs.

  3. GreytGrey00 says:

    The only dog that doesn’t shed is stuffed.
    You and your family need to come to terms with the fact that ALL dogs shed before you do any further research.
    Any dog that fits within your size restrictions is going to be small. Small dogs have small bladders. 8-9 hours in a crate is downright cruel if you ask me. Loose in house with a designated "potty okay’ area would work, but be realistic. Would you want to be confined to a crate all day?
    Smart dogs that are easy to train get bored when left alone. Bored dogs can easily become destructive. You’ve been warned!
    Very few breeds are cool with children as young as 6. The kids would need to be taught to respect the dog.

    With the restrictions you’ve set out – your perfect breed is an iDog. 🙂
    If you’re willing to make some concessions, consider the following:
    * Border Terrier
    * Bichon Frise
    * Cesky Terrier
    * Norwich Terrier
    ADD: Italian Greyhounds in your climate? That’s a really cruel, not to mention bad idea.

  4. Mutt for the Truth says:

    You will need to adopt an adult – NO puppy, especially a small breed, can stay at home for 8-9 hours without a potty break. Some adults even have trouble – smaller dog means smaller bladder/bowels, means less ability to control.

    Is the 6 YO well mannered? Does he/she listen well? Most small dogs don’t do well with young children – their size makes them vulnerable and many learn to bite early on to prevent the child from injuring them.

    ALL dogs need daily walks – if you aren’t willing to do that, don’t get a dog. Even small dogs can become dangerous/annoying when they’re hyped up and don’t get the proper outlet for that energy (they easily trip people, jump on people, can nip, etc.)

    Allergies are NOT to the fur – they are to dander and/or saliva, shedding fur just worsens the symptoms. Your dad/brother could have a reaction to ANY breed or ANY individual at ANY time.

    I suggest looking at the Bichon Frise – 12 lbs, non-shedding, daily walks needed, daily grooming recommended, can be kept in a short cut (professional grooming required), generally good with everyone, loves to play.


    Add – give me a break…. a "miniature goldendoodle" is merely a runt mutt dog. Not an actual breed, and not recognized by ANY reputable registries. There is no way to predict if it will inherit the coat of the poodle or golden, and goldens DO shed and are NOT considered good with allergy sufferers…..

  5. T says:

    bichon frise. Yep that’s it =p

  6. Laura says:

    A Miniature goldendoodle is perfect. Then don’t shed, are small if you get a mature or toy one, are extremal fast learners, and are great with all people. They aer so cute to!


  7. Rkc says:

    if your dog will be locked up in small space for that long it will need exercise no matter what type of dog it is, sounds like you will need to wait on this it wouldnt be fair to the dog, there are dogs who dont need much exercise like bulldogs for instance but after being locked up for that long daily you would need to be able to give him 45 min daily of your time to walk/run him

  8. Alleycat says:

    Get an Italian Greyhound. They rarely shed. Very short fur. They can stay in crates.
    Exercise is good for them but it isn’t like you need to take them out multiple times a day.
    They are sooo friendly and can tolerate both warmth and heat. They tend to be cold and shiver when its really cold out…but you can buy a sweater for them.
    And of course the Italian greyhound is a smaller dog!!

    I hope I helped out. Italian Greyhounds are amazing pets and are so beautiful!

    I hope I helped you out!

  9. ♥Karishma♥ says:

    This quiz will give you your breed. You answered all the questions it will ask you lol


    Laura wow go to the shelter plenty of hypoallergenic mixes. No one would breed like 50 different kinds of Mutts for 500 each. Plus no such thing as allergy free dog.

  10. Cici says:

    short haired chihauhau

  11. Marianna says:

    A robot dog.

  12. Poodle girl says:

    There are multiple breeds that would be good for you. A Miniature Poodle sounds like a great fit. They shed very little (all dogs shed) and are hypoallergenic. They are 11-15 inches tall and between 15-17 lbs. and come in a variety of colors. They are incredibly smart little dogs, and even for their size, athletic. They’re very sensitive and in tune with their people. They LOVE to be with their family and need a lot of attention. If you leave it in it’s crate for a good portion of the day, you’ll need to have it out and with the family the rest of the day. They are easy to train and super intelligent. If they get proper exercise (don’t require a ton, but like walks) they’ll be mellow in the house. They’re good with kids and if the 6 year old is respectful, it should be fine. They do require a bit of grooming however. If you want some coat on them and want them to look cute they need to be brushed and combed out at the very least once a week. And they need to be professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. They’re awesome dogs though. I have a Standard. Here are some cute pics: http://www.iapups4u.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/minaturepoodleethan.jpg

    Another good breed would be a Bichon Frise. They are also low shedding and hypoallergenic. They only come in white. They are between 9-12 inches tall and 7-12 lbs. They are happy, fun, energetic little dogs who are great with kids. They are also very smart and like to learn tricks. Again, like the Poodle, require grooming. They require the same as a Poodle. Here are some cute pics: http://www.dogchannel.com/images/articles/breed_profile_images/bichon_frise_new.jpg

    And lastly another breed that I think would be great would be the Chinese Crested. This breed comes in a hairless variety and a hair variety, called the Powderpuff. They are actually very cute. They are 12 inches and about 10 lbs. They are small dogs with a great, happy, friendly personality and would love to go for walks. They’d be great with kids. They are affectionate, cuddly, and smart. They also require the heavy grooming (Powderpuff variety). Cute pics: http://www.fordogtrainers.com/ProductImages/dog-breeds-muzzles/Chinese-Crested-muzzle-Chinese-Crested.jpg

    If none of these appeal to you, here are some other low shedding, small breeds:
    Shih Tzu
    Tibetan Terrier
    Coton de Tulear
    Lhasa Apso

    Also, please get your dog from a shelter, rescue, or a responsible breeder. Visit petfinder.com for shelter dogs or akc.org to find the breed club of the breed you decide on. From there you can find good breeders.
    Good luck in your breed search!