What do I do about a neighbors chicken killing dog?

I have some exotic bantam chicken that are kept in open bottom cages placed on the middles between the rows in my garden.This dog gets loose and overturns the cages then kills my birds. I am far less than happy about this and the dog’s owner pleads poverty. Some of these birds were expensive and show quality.What shall I do about this situation?

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3 Responses to “What do I do about a neighbors chicken killing dog?”

  1. Malcolm Reynolds says:

    Sue the dog’s owners. It’s about all the can do.

  2. SammyTheBull says:

    I just saw this one on court tv involving ducks. Technically and lawfully you have the right to shoot any dog that comes on your property if you live in the country. People are supposed to keep their dogs on their property either by leash, cage, or fence.

    What I would do though is put up some electric fence if I could afford it. If not, I would warn the neighbor that if you catch his dog on your property going after the chickens he’s a dead dog. But first, make sure you videotape it either by camera phone or video camera. The judge and sheriff require absolute proof.

  3. Forever a clone says:

    Low caliber silenced weapon?