what do i do about nieghbors dog,will police do anything?

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what do i do about nieghbors dog,will police do anything?
nieghbor has a dog in a cage like thing.
It gets muddy and he never takes the dog inside.
even when it storms or is super hot.
the dog has huge matts on the hair.
doubt has been groomed.
sometimes the dog has no water but sometimes
i live in phenix city alabama in westridge sub division
who do i call and will police do anything
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5 Responses to “what do i do about nieghbors dog,will police do anything?”

  1. llewen says:

    Call–whether the police will come or refer you to the animal control or humane society, I don’t know–depends on the procedure in your town. But, definitely call them.

  2. goofy says:

    Where I live in north Arkansas the police do absolutely nothing about mistreating dogs or visa versa. We live next door to a clown who has two (count them) pit bulldogs chained in the front yard on long enough chains for them to reach the edge of road. The police have done nothing and it seems the humane society doesn’t care.My wife and I are afraid to sit in the back yard for fear these killers might break loose!

  3. kate says:

    Do they have SPCA there ? Look in the phone book
    { Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals )
    Or call the animal control to report an abused / neglect animal .
    Listed under local government usually .

    Or you can call the police non emergency number and ask them for the numbers for SPCA & animal control .

    good luck


  4. britts says:

    you could call, they take animal abuse or even reports of if very serious, i would if i were you

  5. LEO rRr says: