what is the best animal to have besides a dog cat fish snake and lizard. that doesnt have a hard cage to clean

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    4 Responses to “what is the best animal to have besides a dog cat fish snake and lizard. that doesnt have a hard cage to clean”

    1. answerman15 says:

      Parakeet. The only thing is the noise. But you can get the kind of cage where you just slide the little cardboard floor out and clean it off. But if you want it to be tame you have to put some time into it

    2. polli2 says:

      Have you tried a pet rock? You only have to worry about stubbing your toe on it. I’ve had mine for 30-some years & it’s never made a mess. It’s name is "Snoopy".

    3. teehee says:

      Parakeet ( smell a bit need cage clean once a week)
      You cant go wrong with a hamster they barely smell clean the cage once a week (very easy) fun to watch and play with very entertaining
      -more active at night
      -NEED wheel for exercise
      -USE ASPEN BEDDING [ cedar and pine give allergies and problems not a good choise fluffy bedding can choke them]
      and hamster balls are also fun makes cleaning the cage easier so you can just put them in there and clean clean clean =]

    4. sktgrl119 says:

      well, ANY pet requires some amount of work. i’ve owned MANY pets and i actually find that cats are quite easy to keep. I know you said you didn’t want a cat, but that is my honest opinion. Perhaps you could try a hermit crab. I imagine that they are not too difficult to care for. I also enjoyed having a rabbit. If you keep them in a hutch outside, the poop falls down under the cage and you really don’t need to clean the cage that much. (Be careful though. If you live in an extremely cold area in the winter, you might need to bring the rabbit indoors or give the rabbit extra sheltar. Then, you will have to clean the cage.)
      Don’t get birds, they require a ton of work because the poop and food flies all over. Just take my word for it. They are more work than you might think and they just don’t offer a lot of affection.

      Hope this helps,