What is the best way to start potty training a puppy and make them pee on the pads until I get home????

My puppy will be home by herself from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and dont want to keep her in a dog carrier all day. I want to be able keep her free, but I want her to pee and poop on the pads that I lay out for her……… would love some help with raising a new puppy, I will not have her for a bit but want to think about it and be totally prepared for her when she come to her new home filled with puppy love!!!!!

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    1. Erin says:

      You really should not have a puppy if you are gone that long. But if you do, get a bigger cage so she can have free space. That is the best way to potty train your dog. You should go home on your breaks and spend some time with her, and once you get home let her right outside, that way she learns that when she has to potty she is suppose to go outside.

    2. IHaveAQuestion? says:

      The answer you want: I feel the best way to potty train a puppy is crate training and a strict feeding schedule (that has already been explained so I won’t do it again)

      The answer you need: and you’re not going to like it and I don’t want to say it, but you don’t need a puppy. I won’t go so far as to say you don’t need a dog, b/c I work and have a dog, cut definitely not a puppy.

      Its just not safe for a puppy to be alone for 10 hrs. He/she will be scared, lonely and stressed. There is not telling what he/she would get into if it was left "free". the best thing would be to confine the puppy to a small area (a laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen works well b/c the tile floor is easy cleanup).This would be okay for a short amount of time, but not all day.

      Why not go for a older dog, an adolescent dog if you will, plenty need a good home. Browse your local shelter websites go to pet adoptions find an older dog that it already well trained and will be appreciative for their new home. Beware alot of shelters will not let dogs go to an environment where the dog would be left alone for such long hours.

    3. Tilly says:

      you can get the puppy pads & the spray to spray on them which attracks the pup to the pad but you would want to put down a few as you will be away for 10 hours if thats every day for a week while you work i don’t want to be mean but why get a dog if it’s alone for most of it life. what kind of dog is it.

    4. hanksimon says:

      The rule of thumb is that puppies have to go to the bathroom roughly hours = month + 1, which means that a 2 month old puppy has to be able to go every 3 hours, and a 5 month old puppy has to be able to go every 6 hours. So, even if you crate the puppy, she will have to go frequently.

      What we used to do is lock the puppy in the kitchen (using a child gate, if there is no door). Pickup everything off the ground that a puppy could chew or eat, and place newspaper on the entire floor, with a bed on one corner and food/water nearby.

      Then she would go somewhere on the paper, and we would pick up most of the paper, but keep a small piece with the smell. Then on the second day, we put paper on one half of the floor, put the bed and food on the other half, in a corner, and put the smelly paper on the fresh paper side, on the opposite corner from the food.

      If there were no accidents, we left the food and bed in the same place, and only covered one quarter of the floor in the corner that the puppy went… adding new smelly paper each day (and disposing of the older smelly paper).

      The puppy will have some accidents, but should be house broken in two weeks. However….

      If you leave a puppy alone in a house, then she might eat electric wires, carpetting, table legs, etc. So I recommend that you leave her in the crate all day, after she is 9 months old. You might get someone to let her out to go during lunch when she is 6 months old. Also, you might take her for a walk before you go to work.

    5. Jean S says:

      Oh Carrie you will hate me for this but that is way to long for any dog let alone a puppy my darling. Can’t you get a neighbour to help you or ask your mum or someone. The trouble is I know how much we long for a pet but really your darling will be alone for far to long .
      I know that isn’t being very helpful so I will add that to start off you will need to place the pads all over the floor and gradually reducing them as she learns what they are for

    6. x_sexxi_x says:

      try to get those pads which have a scent which puppies are attracted to. if u have them then thats were they are most likely to pee. also i think that is kinda too long for leaving a puppy by itself. they love to have attention but i think thats too long.

    7. muffett1 says:

      just keep the pads around & put her on them if you find her going pee or potty she wil get the idea soon enough that is where she is too go.. make sure the area is safe for her if you can put in the kitchen with baby gates so she can;t get out put food & water in one area her play toys, & her bed to sleep on .. perhaps keep a radio on during the day for company for her.

      good luck & enjoy your bundle of joy…

    8. MG says:

      IMHO, crate training is an integral part of potty training your dog. Also, a crate is the safest and best place for your puppy to be when you’re not there to supervise her. Puppies chew and get into everything. I would hate to hear that your puppy injured herself or passed away because she ate something she shouldn’t. This includes power cords! All of my dogs are crate trained and love their crates! It’s a safe haven for them, and they always go willingly.

      As far as the potty training is concerned, being consistent is VERY VERY important. Take your puppy to her pad at least once an hour, and every time you catch her having an accident. Reward her with affection or meat treats when she goes to the pad on her own. Also, you should always have a clean pad available for her, and keep her stool picked up each time she goes. My dogs prefer to go on a pad that is fresh.

    9. LY K says:

      It would be difficult for you to train your puppy to the pads when you are not home for 10 hours out of the day. You should reconsider the crate, get one that she will be able to grow into, buy a book on crate training first before you even get your puppy and reconsider that as your route for training your dog (if it is done properly most dogs don’t mind and even go to their crate to sleep when someone is home instinctual den behavior causes this). Research the breed of dog you are getting including the amount of energy they have, every dog needs to wear that excess off to prevent things like separation anxiety and inappropriate elimination. Please socialize your pup with other dogs but only once your pup has been checked by your vet and had vaccinations. Good luck.

    10. River Hermit says:

      Hello..when properly crate or contained in a safe space, the dog will LOVE them …it is security for them, they are den like creatures …it’s not good to leave puppies out & about ( free as you say ) as they have a tendency to get into trouble, chewing things they shouldn’t..pottying – wherever ..I’ll include you NICE crate or space training for puppies & house breaking..or if you wish, e mail me & I’ll send it so you can print it out if you need …Take Care 🙂
      CRATE or SPACE POTTY TRAINING : the crate or Doggie Space need only be big enough for the dog to turn, stand & stretch..if you have a puppy that will be a big dog.. buy a big crate & block it off so it fits the size of the puppy/dog ( height is not mattering as much as the floor space )…or just create a confined space for the puppy or dog, just it’s size..dogs don’t usually like to potty where they sleep..but puppies will have "Accidents" then you have to let the dog finish ( no running @ the dog or pup or all it’s gonna do take off running, making a bigger mess, scare the heck out of the dog & make him mistrust you ~ Not Good ! ) then you pick the dog & the accident up..take the dog out to the spot you want the dog to go & let them know this is the spot…if & when the dog goes where it’s suppose to ..lots of praise, good dog & chest rub ( a dogs favorite place to get a scratch ) ! Also NEVER allow anyone or even another dog @ this time to play or bother the dog while in the crate or space..it is this dogs haven & peace space ONLY !!!

      FEEDING SCHEDULE : they MUST be on a feeding & water schedule..puppies 2 or 3 times a day ( like breakfast, lunch & dinner ) adult dogs, one or 2 times a day..food & water for 15 minutes, if they don’t eat, put it up till the next feeding time.. as they get control.. then, you can leave more water down.. they generally potty 20 – 30 minutes after eating &/or after a good play so that’s another good time to take them out to the Doggie Outhouse :)..if your dog is particularly stubborn & goes before you get them out..then you carry them to the potty spot or leash them if too big to carry, then quickly take them out ( like it’s a play time ) don’t let them sniff ..till they are outside !!! If they don’t go in 15 minutes, then you crate or contain them for another 20 – 30 minutes & take them out..chances are they will whine some, especially puppies, but you have to wait for another 20 or 30 minutes…so they learn..ANY kind of training is patience, schedule, repetitiveness, Lots O Praise & sometimes tiny treats ( like you see on dog shows ) when they do as they are suppose to… firm NO’s when they do wrong..NEVER yelling, chasing or running at them & NEVER use or let them know your using the crate as punishment, gently, kindly & nicely put them in their crate or space & still hand them the treat !!! Treat your pets ( especially dogs ) as you would want to be treated..if you like to be hit, yelled at or chased, something’s wrong in your Life ~ There are no bad dogs, just bad owners !! Dog understand tones in your voice & actions, not words, that is why you can NEVER yell, hit or run @ them, etc with agressive type dogs or when meeting them say for adoption, you can’t smile at them cuz to them TEETH showing is agression !!! Take Care & Peace 🙂

    11. Yo LO! says:

      A puppy can’t be left for that long without some kind of supervision.

      It’s also very dangerous for her to be "Free" for that long – She could chew walls, cords, etc. that could kill her.

      The best thing would be to crate her and have a friend or neighbor come in a few times to let her out and feed her.

    12. RaysinGyrl says:

      If you’re going to be gone for that length of time, do NOT get a puppy. It’s not fair to the puppy. You should opt for an older dog.

      I’m sorry, but to be gone for a 10 hour stretch daily is not acceptable for a puppy’s socialization.

    13. sniffydogs says:

      That’s too long. You might want to reconsider this.