what should i wear tomarrow? *details of my stuff*?

-pink, peace
-purple, ninja
– orange, shirt wiff some weird design
-black, guitar
– 2 dino shirts.. one gray and the others green
– purple neon, design shirt
– gray, tinkerbell
– gray, says stuff bout txting.. really cool\
– green, fosters home for imaginary friends
-blue, sesame street characters
– blue, fred, no offense to people who have rabbies
– long sleeved, striped, gray
– long sleeved, dog wearing ski gogglez
– blue, pen, pencil, marker, highlighter, says Do The Write Thing

Pants -Skinny jeans~
-checkered, black and white
-pink and lime-green leopard print
-3 normal colored skinny jeans
(they all skinny jeans remember that)

-orange neon converse
-pink plaid flats
-black flats
-graphic converse
-red high-top converse
-light pink and orange plaid kinda like flats

All the colors of the normal rainbow plus black
-black eyeliner
-brown eyeliner
-purple, blue, black, orange, yellow, pink, brownish, white, green eyeshadow
-those weird rubber bracelets
-yellow and tourquise beads
– neon head bands, those really thin ones
guitar pick necklace
-peace bracelet

My hair I wanna do scrunchie

I have a lot more stuff than that but those are my clothes that are like REALLY new….

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4 Responses to “what should i wear tomarrow? *details of my stuff*?”

  1. Emily says:

    that orange shirt with skinny jeans and orange converse

  2. greentelephone says:

    pink peace, gray skinnies, orange neon converse
    hair up!!
    black eyeliner/mascara/lip gloss
    rubber bracelets (love those btw)

  3. rach=] says:

    Spend more time spelling in school and less time shopping.

  4. Missbluberrybuttface says:

    Pink, Peace :]
    Normal skinny jeans
    Black flats
    Black eyeliner
    Peace bracelet
    And maybe a bow

    Good luck~