What size kong should I give my pug puppy and what to put in it?

My pug puppy has a small puppy kong for teething. I put some cheese with 2 treats in it, but he’s not very good at getting it out lol. He licks and licks… loves it… but can’t get everything out. Is it to small? He’s 13 weeks tomorrow, weighing in at 7 lbs. Should I get the next size up? I’ve never had a dog use a Kong before, but he loves it and I know it will be a good crate treat. A little bit of help please?

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8 Responses to “What size kong should I give my pug puppy and what to put in it?”

  1. I ♥ David Archuleta says:

    I think you should stay at size small. If you go a size up and it’s too big, he might just start gnawing at the end and not trying to get the stuff out because it would be too hard. And that’s not really the point of the kong. And there are a lot of things you can stuff in your kong, and here are some of my ideas:

    ~ Pieces of chicken (no bones)
    ~ Peanut butter mixed with his dog food or Cheerios
    ~ Bits of cheese and one scrambled egg
    ~ Kong Stuff’N Pastes or Stuff’N Snacks
    ~ Milkbones

    Best of luck!!

  2. savannah_steel says:

    We put creamy peanut butter in our Kong and freeze it. I have a small kong for a 10 pound dog. Some gets stuck at the top of the kong but I just wash it out and refill it.

  3. Robert S says:

    It should be too big to swallow, but big enough to carry.
    We put peanut butter inside ours.

  4. Brittney H says:

    You can get the next size up if you feel like he will still be able to fit it in his mouth. He is supposed to have a hard time getting the treats out. That is the point of a kong to keep him occupied for long periods of time

  5. glz says:

    A kong is suppose to be a toy to keep your dog entertained for hours. If YOU can’t get the treat out of the kong easily then you probably need a bigger size. But you could also just use the cheese and not the treats and he would be just as happy.

  6. bobobee says:

    get the biggest one possible which can fit in the puppies mouth so it can carry it around!! He will love it!!

  7. jgeek says:

    I would give your pug a small kong you can put chicken broth in it or you can put dog treats in it you put frozen chicken broth in it by the way they have a whole bunch of stuff to put in kongs it will have the name brand kong on it and you can find it at target etc… or at the vet and they have teething toys little bones that have prickley points in it and thats good for teething also. Hope that helps