What to do about my Whiney Great Dane Dog?

Hi… I’m just wondering what i can do to calm down my 11 month old dane when she is all whiney when I am getting ready for taking her for a walk or getting ready to go out somewhere else. She whines really loud and won’t stop. Like shes anxious and wants to go really bad. But part of this probably is bad cause i’m always going in and out of my room… and that mustn’t help! And she is usually in my bedroom out loose or in her kennel at the time. Anyways… What can i do about this to help her calm down?

Oh and another situation… Shes still messes in her crate… But she will whine and whine for me to bring her out… Should i be letting her out? or just leave her be? But i don’t really want her having the accidents in her kennel. So whats the better solution? Try n get her outside n time or let her be to whine? (but i don’t want her disrupting anyone either) And she does tend to whine n whine until let out… Oh and being a dane her poop isnt always that normal/hard… So i’d rather not that on her bed/blankets!
WTF – I walk her everyday for a good hour or more!
Oh and she has the biggest crate available! (Colossal)
Oh and shes on a great quality kibble Taste of the wild – I would say her poop is only soft once n a while.

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    2 Responses to “What to do about my Whiney Great Dane Dog?”

    1. Hello says:

      A great dane is an extremely LARGE dog and, especially as a puppy, needs a large amount of exercise. Keeping the dog in a small bedroom or even smaller crate is abusive. Either you need to commit more time to giving the dog enough exercise or give the dog to someone who will and get yourself something small enough that you can paper train and leave in a crate for extended periods of time.


    2. MaryKate says:

      Take her out in your pj’s. It’s not really fair to make her wait for you to shower and get all pretty. She needs to go out more often. Obviously she can’t hold it since she’s going in her crate.
      And you need to have her checked out about her loose stools. I’ve never heard that Danes have a problem with their poop. The only reason mine ever had loose stools was when they were battling whip worms, otherwise they have small firm poop. A high quality food could help this situation too.

      And if she’s whining to be with you, why not let her follow you around?