What to take on vacation with dog?

My 9 month year old bella is going with us in 9 days.What should i bring with me? Sheets? Crate or Cage? The difference between cage and crate is it looks like this



I have both but i dont want to take both.

She sometimes wants to sit on my lap for car rides but this is a 2 or 3 hour trip should i let her?

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5 Responses to “What to take on vacation with dog?”

  1. SumnerLady says:

    Either the crate or the cage depends on which you dog is most comfortable in. Dogs usually like an area of their own to get away from noise and to sleep, as long as you haven’t used it as a punishment place.
    You need to make sure you have whatever blankets and toys your dog likes so the trip is enjoyable and they are not deprived of their usual pleasures.
    Dogs sitting on laps are dangerous if you are the driver or as a passenger, if they are not tethered. If the driver has to make a sudden stop or the car is hit, an untethered dog will go flying. This not only is dangerous to the dogs well being, an dog being thrown about the car can also hit the humans (the driver) and cause additional distraction.

    Dogs depend on humans to teach them boundaries. One boundary is where they sit in a car. Special travel harnesses as well as car seats are available at the same pet store you mentioned. At 9 months your dog is at the perfect age to be trained for all good behaviors,

    To make your trip more enjoyable, plan on making it safe for your dog as well.

  2. Payton says:

    You could do a crate, but also make sure he isn’t ALWAYS trapped in the crate.

    Do you have a vacation planner building anywhere like Triple A? (AAA?)
    Well, I went there for our vacations once, and I saw a good book on all details on how to take care of a pet on vacation.

    But here are some rules:
    1. At night, make sure your puppy is in a crate or cage so he can sleep. Be sure to put in a pillow.
    2. When having a puppy in the hotel room, be sure to wake up to let her do her business outside.
    3. This might sound crazy, but make sure she gets excersize. Go for walks and swims
    4. Always act like you are at home. Groom, feed etc her so its like home for a few days.

    Yes you should let her sit on your lap as long as she isn’t interfering with how you drive. Then you might consider putting her in the backseat or if anyone is in the passanger put her there. You should bring sheets for the comfort of your house for her. Also to put down in the crate so she fells like shes sleeping on your bed.

  3. Chris says:

    Just Let Her Sit In Your Lap For As Long As You Would Like. Or Just Keep Her In A Medium-Large Cage w/ Sheets,1 or 2 Toys Inside. And Food And Water.

  4. "I dance in the mud" says:

    Bring a current printed photo of your dog (just in case she gets lost) and all her medical history (vaccination records)

    Bring just one crate or cage..what ever she like better.

    A dog bed or blankets
    her food & water dish and water (for a drink on the road)

    An extra leash.

    Medications (if she has any) or will need any while your on vaca. (heartworm preventon/flea prevention)

    toys/treats/food/can opener if using canned food & a fork/papre towels/ poop bags

    pet first aid kit (always a good thing to have on hand)

    keep her collar with tags on her at all times.

    Are you the driver? No, then its okay for her to sit on your lap. If you are driving, then keep her in the crate.

  5. Cameron says:

    a crate will do well. I think your last idea will work well too.