What type of cage/crate should I get my dog?

My dog is small about the size of a toaster. I dont know what type of crate to get her what would you buy and about what size should I get it and I will not use it to close her up for 8 hours maybe 15 min to 1 hour not to much. How would you potty train her too?
she is a little more than a 1year lod

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  1. Labman says:

    With a dog that small, I would check with the airlines and get what they would require if you ever flew with her. You may or may never fly, but such a crate would be fine, and if you ever did, she would already be used to it.

    Otherwise, any small plastic crate she has room to stretch out in. I think the plastic crates are more like a natural den a dog would choose. The metal crates seem too much like a cage to me.

  2. Michael Jackson says:

    go to pet smart you will find a whole selection of cages

  3. CanineTruth says:

    House training is simple:

    Supervise the dog 24/7 – if you can’t, she should be in a crate.
    Constant and consistent outings – after meals, drinking, playing, sleeping… and every hour between those times to begin with!
    Watch for potty signs, all dogs have them: circling, sniffing, scratching, sudden lack of interest in activity.
    Clean messes with proper cleaner to remove all smell.

    As for a crate it should be no bigger than to allow her to sit, stand, lay, or turn around comfortably. I prefer wire crates, but i use a plastic crate for travel. What you use is up to you – some dogs can chew through the plastic ones.

  4. null says:

    If she’s a puppy, I would get a crate one size bigger than what she fits in, so she can grow into it. To potty train her, put some new papers or pee pads on the floor of it. Some pee pads are scented to encourage dogs to mark their territory there. It will take time, so be patient. My dog is 1 1/2 yrs. old and occasionally has accidents. Hope I helped 🙂

  5. BabeHart says:

    Dog crates are usually sized by the weight of the dog…you can read on the carton that the crate is for dogs from X lbs to X lbs…there should be enough room for the dog to comfortably lie down, stand up and turn around, but that’s it…if you get a crate too large then the dog may use the extra space as a toliet…

    I potty trained my puppy using piddle pads because she was too young to be left in a crate the amount of time I was away from home…she used the pads pretty well (if they got soiled, sometimes she’d go off the pad but it was a tile floor so easy to clean)…after just a few weeks she started chewing up the pads so I stopped using them, and she was able to hold her "business" all night, and during the day for 5ish hours while I was at work (I’d come home at lunch and let her out to potty)…

    You can also find various articles online on how to housebreak your puppy and see what methods you read about seem feasible for your situation…