What type of dog should i get?

I want to adopt a puppy from a shelter but i do not know what breed. The dog will be an indoor/outdoor dog. This means i will put an insulated dog house with a heater outside where it will sleep at night and rest during the day. When i get back from work i will bring it inside. I will be responsible for everything like food and water twice a day, and bathing it etc.. Also if it does get too cold like around 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit i will bring it inside at night. I will crate train it so when i have to bring it inside it will not get into problems. Also it needs to be a small dog and maybe i will except a medium sized dog. Help me Please!

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  1. Alison Morgan says:

    to be honest, a beagle seems to suit your descriptions.they are also very low maintenance. i wouldn’t recommend a mix because rather a lot of them are prone to diseases, breathing problems, skin problems. but then again, some aren’t.

  2. Lindsay B says:

    Minors cannot adopt/purchase dogs, so please quit wasting our time.

  3. dottie says:

    some type of hound or beagle for indoor, outdoor, and medium dog

  4. Helena Miltiadous says:

    small outdoor dogs;
    mini Australian Shepperd
    Scottish Terrier and Australian Terrier are able to live outdoors in temperate to warm temperatures
    Fox Terrier, (smooth,) should only live outdoors in a warm climate
    Welsh Terrier can live outdoors during nice weather, but, should sleep inside when the weather turns cold.
    Puli and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi can live outdoors in temperate to cool weather
    Beagles can also be outside dogs as long as they have a shelter and bedding
    med outdoor dogs;
    Standard Schnauzer and Brittany can live outdoors in a temperate climate. The Harrier can also live outside in a temperate climate as long as it has a warm shelter and bedding.
    English Foxhound and American Foxhound are able to live outdoors in mild temperatures, neither one should be left alone because they are both very social breeds of dogs.
    hope this help:)

  5. Volley Girl says:

    There can be a lot of dogs to choose from. My favorite of them all is a Jack Russell Terrier. They are really friendly and are tiny. I have one, she is currently fifteen. She is a great little dog! =)

  6. Kat says:

    If you want a shelter dog, than you will probably find a mix breed. Just visit your local shelter and look at some of the dogs, i bet you that you will fall in love with one:)

    If it is a puppy, i am kind of against it staying outside, especially a small dog (this is just a possibility) but puppies whine like all night during the first week or 2 and idk maybe some animal might like grab him? idk just a thought.

    Also if you get an adult aged dog just keep it in the house for the first few weeks or months, so he can get to know you.

    If you are putting your dog outside because you do not want him to chew up your house while you are gone, you can train them not to.

  7. Amanda Williams says:


  8. Peter Asiedu says:

    I like Golden Retrievers, but thats just me. Watch Dogs 101 on Animal Planet, that should help.

  9. Bri says:

    Well there are more mutts than purebreds at shelters so just go take a walk down one and find a dog that interests you and ask about him/her.

  10. AngieW says:

    Since you did not give a few key factors like energy level, try this quiz http://www.selectsmart.com/DOG/

    The most important thing is to find a dog with your energy level. This is usually the cause for behavior problems. Some of the smaller breeds do better if left in the house with a doggy door or someone who can drop by and let them out or walk them rather than just being left out all day.