Whats wrong with my dog? shes starting to confuse me .?

wellll last year i got a beagle as a puppy i raised her. and of courses he went through the stage of biting and snapping well. im the only that dissaplins her ( no i dont hit ) i have paddled her but its not like hard its just a tap and a big NO! theres times she is sooo nice to me and loves me and wants to play but theres time when i walk up to her and shes like "grrrr" and shows her teeth then i tell her NO! she gets meaner and starts barking and growling somtimes even snaps. so i tell her NO! and i say kennel she knows that means she gets a time out for being bad in her cage . shes only a year btw i meant i got her its been about 2 years not quite til october. but yea theres times most of the times shes really nice and loving then theres times shes growling and tries to snap at me . i’ve never done anything im basicaly the only who really dissaplins her my mom and dad are always babyingher and giving her treats only once and a blue moon have i seen them correct her. so what does she hate me ? or she still learning as a pup orrrr what? and what could i do to solve that problem. and theres times when i go heyy paige really nice and she growls and runs away barking all mean at me then theres times im like heyy paige and she comes to me wagging her tail shes a purebread beagle idk is that in ther nature to act like that or whats going on? its making me feel like i’ve done wrong and idk what to do.
and i want to be close and have fun with her.

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5 Responses to “Whats wrong with my dog? shes starting to confuse me .?”

  1. Wicked Witch of the West says:

    You don’t hit, but you have paddled her? That’s the same as hitting in a dog’s mind.
    She doesn’t trust you now, you need to regain her trust.
    STOP hitting her.
    When she puts her mouth on you, don’t yell, just say no, cross your arms and turn away from her, ignore her for 3-5 minutes. Then play with her again, do this EVERY time she puts her mouth on you.
    She will learn that correct behavior gets rewarded with play and attention, and incorrect behavior gets her ignored.
    It may take a while because you have already "set" the incorrect behavior, but, it will work.
    Also, NEVER use her crate as a punishment, she doesn’t understand that, for one thing, and her crate should be a quiet haven for her, not a place of punishment. She is not going to sit in her crate and "think about" what she did wrong, dogs don’t think like that.

  2. DayDreamer says:

    hmmm, Puppies and dogs respond well to the reward system. Do you reward her when she does what she is told? sit, stay, laydown etc. If you are always using negative reinforcement, she may be picking up vibes that you are "the punisher."
    Have you let her be a puppy, or are you usually commanding her to do something? Try playing with her. Get a ball or her favorite toy and just play, have fun- dogs especially at this age need to have fun just like a child does- you cant always be negative- it effects their mental health.
    Dogs do need to be trained to be obedient- but their entire life cant be a lesson, when she does what she is told, give her praise! and make a big deal out of what a good dog she is. Sounds to me like she knows the negative consequences already.

  3. Damon H says:

    First of all, I would learn to use punctuation (namely periods…They help to end/begin thoughts), and possibly a spell check. That was a very hard paragraph to decipher.

    It sounds like you’re the "bad" guy. If your parents are "babying" her, and treating her like "queen bee" then she probably believes that she is above you in the pecking order.

    Dogs need consistency. As long as she’s getting mixed messages, she’ll act out. My roommate has a young beagle, and we all are very consistent with him, and he’s very well behaved.

  4. stephanie says:

    if you play with other animals, or around other animals you may have their scent on you.

    when i met my husband, my dog did the same thing, hated him growled at him etc….I began letting him feed her, he was the only one who fed her for a while, and she began to realize he wasn’t so bad….have you ever heard the saying, a dog don’t bite the hand that feeds it? give it a try, now, she prefers him over me.

  5. Lena says:

    The answer is simple-your dog is spoiled. I guess there were occasions when she misbehaved and you did not react at all, or your reaction was delayed. If that happened more then a few times, she concluded she can do whatever she likes without consequences.
    Dogs are pack animals, and they always have to be certain about their position in their pack. In your case, your family is your dog’s pack, and by being permissive to her misbehavior you’re sending her a message it’s ok, so she considers herself equal to you-which is wrong! If you want her to obey, you have to play the role of the pack leader, but the rest of your family should get involved as well. Beagles are energetic and strong-willed, so don’t you worry about her being discouraged or feeling less worthy. Rule number one in successful coexistence with a dog-each and every human member of the pack-no matter his age, sex, or relation to a dog-is ABOVE the dog. It’s the only proper way for you to have a healthy relation with your dog, and also the only way she won’t get confused.