When crate training is it important to let the dog go in the crate on his own?

I have heard that by putting a dog in a crate it creates a negative experience. So it is better to let the dog go in his crate on his own? Which is better? While Im at it I have a 6 week old lab puppy and the other question I have is I have been told that because he can’t hold it for longer that 2-3 hours to let him poop and pee in his crate "to not interupt my bueaty sleep" I personally think this is kinda cruel but I do admit getting up at 10:00, 3:00,to let him pee and 7:00 to feed is like having a baby all over again…lol. There is a puppy training pad in the bottom of his crate, and there is a blanket. I have a crate that is big enough for him when he is full grown so I have divided and I have left room in the divided part for him to sleep and accidents if they come. I would kinda like to let him be during the night because I have a three year old and am full time student, but I want to do what is best for my D.O.G thats his name…lol any pointers I’ll take him
This puppy was starving and pratically homeless I would rather have a dog taken to young from his mother than to see another stray on the streets. The people hadn’t even gotten his shots and wouldn’t have.

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    1. simplicity says:

      You want your dog to think of the crate as his safe place. If you divide the crate, it needs to be just enough room for him to turn around and sleep in. If you leave him enough room to use it as a bathroom too, it will take forever for him to become potty trained. Anytime he goes in the crate, you need to give him a treat so he sees it as a positive experience, just like when he potties outside I would give him a treat too as well as a lot of praise. Try to limit his water intake after 8 pm, take him out right before you go to bed. If you want him to be potty trained quickly, you will need to get up with him for a few weeks and take him out. During the day, when you take him out and he potties he gets to be out of the crate, if you take him out and he doesn’t go then he is back in the crate for 30 min. and then tries it again. It is ok to put him in the crate but you need to be praising him the whole time you are doing it and follow with a treat, this will eliminate the negative experience, also make sure the crate is in the same area you are in so he feels a part of things. Good luck! The time you put in on the front end will save a lot of headaches later!!!

    2. Ch Mickey UD says:

      Your puppy is too young and needs another 2 weeks min w/ the mom & litter/ It is illegal to sell or give away a pup that young.

      No, you will need to put the pup in the crate, but you can use food to teach your pup a command to get into the crate. No, you have a puppy, you will need to get up a couple times a night to take it out at first. You do not want to leave the pup in there so long it goes because it has to. A puppy is a baby, you will lose sleep! Do not pup a training pad in he crate, the idea is he does not go in the crate. Throw away the pads, they are useless unless you are trying to train a dog to go in the house.

      You will have an easier time if you return the pup and get it when it is old enough.

    3. munchkin says:

      you should get him to go in the crate on his own … toss in a treat or something to get him to go in … and you really should take the pup out every two hours around the clock for about a week … it may affect your "beauty sleep" but a dog housebroken fast compared to months of dealing with accidents it is so worth the lack of sleep … come on, they make those energy drinks these days :O)