when we go on holiday where can i put my dog that wont make him sleep in a cage?

around devon/cornwall.

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10 Responses to “when we go on holiday where can i put my dog that wont make him sleep in a cage?”

  1. mysticmoonprincess01 says:

    I love my little dog so I was worried too when I have to go to hawaii for 2 weeks. What I did was asked a family member to come and stay at my home and I paid them $200.00 for the time I was gone. That included walking the dog 3 times so it could take care of it’s business, bathing the dog to get the fleas off, and occassionally taking it for a ride which is what I do. I would call every night to check on the dog. You need to find someone that loves animals so they won’t mistreat your dog. good luck.

  2. deby91884 says:

    like most have said, find a friend or family member to look after him. or a pet sitting company is always good.

    BUT if that wont work there are dog boarding places that the dogs sleep in runs, i know of one in Connecticut where each run has a futon along with a tv for entertainment. get the numbers of all the boarding places around you and go look at each one. but warning, they can be very expensive!!

    best bet is to find a college student to go live in your house and take care of your pets. its a job me and many of my friends do for extra cash and only charge 150 for a week (not including a full fridge of food!!)
    good luck

  3. nascarfan2438 says:

    some kennels have runners, so the dog wont sleep in a cage.

  4. Rich says:

    a freind ,family member or even a co-worker….or take him with you

  5. TheMeerkat (planetmeerkat.co.uk) says:

    Take your dog to a kennels. Browse round the different kennels in the area to see which one is the best. You will find that the dogsare kept in good conditions. We used to take our dog to some kennels and he loved it. If you still don’twoant to take your dog to a kennels ask a freind or pay someone else you know will take careof your dogto look after it.

  6. steffikins024 says:

    there are a lot of pet-sitting companies. They will actually come to your house, walk your dog, play with him, feed him, etc. Some companies will even pick up your mail while you’re gone!

  7. sharkgirl says:

    Depends where you are going on holidays and where you live. In QLD Australia there is a book called Holidaying with dogs which tells you all accommadation available where you can take your dog. There are also people who you can pay to visit your house to walk and feed your dog etc. It may be an alternative- your dog won’t get fleas, will still be there to watch your home, and be happy on his home ground.

  8. Disillusioned says:

    If you board him he’s going to sleep in a cage no matter where you take him. I’d suggest a friend or family member also.

  9. Solvek says:

    Give it to a friend or family member to look after

  10. Wabbitt1970 says:

    Heaven. He’ll be able to run with the other Angel Dogs, and he’ll be happy.