Where can I buy a BIG guinea pig cage?

Hello, where can I buy a big cage for guinea pigs? Not one from Petco, Petsmart, or those traditional guinea pig cages. And I am saying this now because I can guarantee someone will mention them, no C&c cages and this is why:

We have a C&C cage at the moment and we no longer wish to use them because our guinea pig’s head got stuck in between the grids. She was squeaking really loud and a few of squeaks had no sound, just air coming from her throat.

Something similar happend with our other guinea pig: she climbed up the chloroplast wall and stuck her head through.

Both of our guinea pigs are ok now, but we do not want to risk this again. We are looking for a big guinea pig cage that is made for animals. We might see about a dog kennel but we are not sure yet. Please nothing "Homemade" like the C&C cages, we understand that store bought cages are too small but pet owners have to understand, things from pet stores like cages are not horrible for you guinea pigs. I no longer wish to "build" a C&C cage because I want a legit cage. No offense to anyone that uses a C&C cage and the shelter that made it famous, but we really no longer wish to use it.

Additional Information about situation with C&C cage:

-Our Guinea Pigs are about 6 months old
-Our Guinea Pigs are about 7 inches long and are kind of fat =)
-The walls that surround the cage are about 7 inches tall
-The Grids are 14inches tall and are divided into 64 squares that are 1.5x2in.


-We want a cage that will have A lot of room for our guinea pigs to run around and have fun. When we heard about C&C cages, we thought they were the best thing ever for our guinea pigs! But we no longer wish to use them. With all due respect, we want something more professional instead of something people make at home. Would rather have something be expensive and good or make something cheaper and settle? We are disappointed with little cages from pet stores so we were wondering where we could find a BIG cage. We tried eBay but there were only C&C cages…

Thank you in advance

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    6 Responses to “Where can I buy a BIG guinea pig cage?”

    1. jtrusnik says:

      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cage large enough for guinea pigs. I won’t say they don’t exist; I’m just saying I’ve never seen anything come close.

      If you can’t find one, you can always try to modify the C&C cage by zip tying hardware cloth to the grids. It’s cheap and can be found in any DIY or lawn/garden store. It’s worth a shot if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

    2. Brittany says:

      Theirs some C&C cages on Ebay that you can get, or go to a guinea pig rescue to see if they will sell you a cage.

    3. Tassja Punak says:

      You can get one from craigs list. that is were i got my big one because mine was pregnate

    4. Fast Linge says:

      you can go to pet stop!

    5. Christina says:

      Mostly any pet store!

    6. Georgina says:

      If you browse this website they have a wide choice of cages at good prices!


      They may not be as big as a C&C cage but my guinea pig is very happy in her bought cage. There is still room for her to run around and she popcorns everyday so we know she is a happy piggie! Maybe consider buying a run as well so that you can let your guinea pigs run around in a larger space outside, or in an indoor pen if you feel a bought cage would be to small.

      Hope this helps!