where can I buy a decent, good quality crate for my dog?

I would like to buy a new crate for my puppy because is old one seems to be getting too small for him, and I don’t like it at all.
He is…
a yorkie
6 pounds
not very tall or long.

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9 Responses to “where can I buy a decent, good quality crate for my dog?”

  1. Jessica says:


    Seriously! Very cheap and 97 cent or free shipping.

  2. K says:

    I got my dog’s crate at Farm and Fleet, but you may not have those in your area. Walmart has several that are good quality. There are three types to choose from: Metal, Plastic and Fabric-type. It’s a preference thing. I have a metal one, but I draped a sheet over it (front is completely open), I was concerned that she’d get overheated in the plastic type and when I bought it, I didn’t know if she was a chewer or not, but now that I know that she only chews on bones, I could’ve gotten a fabric-type.

  3. Cookie says:

    Check out this site. I find them a reliable place to buy all my dog stuff, and have for many years.


  4. Crystal says:

    walmart has some that are aspca approved. also petsmart or petco can lead you in the right direction.

  5. pure caffeinated evil says:

    I got a travel carrier at Kmart instead of a metal cage for my dog’s crate. Good price, sturdy and well made, plus he can use the kennel he’s familiar with for traveling.

  6. Thwarted says:

    I bought mine at walmart it was the lowest price I could find and it is a petmate, a properly sized crate is one they can stand up and turn around in.

  7. Kunzy says:



  8. CT says:

    Online or any local pet stores. I prefer online because it gets shipped right to ya