Where do you shop for you dog?

Where do you shop for you dog? I know pet stuff is pricy and im a bit short on money and I wanna know were to shop for a dog like a crate or gates and stuff like that

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  1. schnauzer says:

    Assuming you are in the States you have got more answers than l can give where to buy dog goods but before you do this sit down and do a ‘cost sheet means how much everything is going to cost you on the assumption you have a puppy or dog already.Remember having a pet is a longtime commitment that is about 16 years.The cost of food is not cheap if you feed correctly and l am not talking a bowl of dry food down every day you mist give your animal an all round diet for health and growth.You may be up for vet bills when your pet gets sick and these are not cheap.The basic stuff you need is not expensive it is the side issues like time and also inoculations,vet bills,registration with your Council that you may not have allowed for.My small bit of advice is do a balance sheet and see if you can really afford a dog and what it entails before leaping in and finding you can ill afford a vet when your pet gets sick

  2. happypappy says:

    walmart is the cheapest for crates, gates and stuff like that. i use petsmart for the best feed.

  3. DW says:

    i got my crate at petco… baby gate you can probably compare on different websites (walmart, meijer, babies r us, etc)

    for toys i actually go to garage sales and buy stuffed animals. remember to doggie proof them before you give it to your dog

  4. Mya B says:

    Try your local human society, they tend to have things as well as great ideas/ways to save money and care for your pet.

  5. rainbowqtbabe says:

    Craigslist you can find used pet stuff people are selling for cheap or sometimes even give away for free.

  6. Lady Bug says:

    For food and treats I shop at pet supply.
    for beds toys collars leads Ect. I get there stuff from petedge.

  7. Bonzie12 says:

    I shop at pet smart but they do have pet supplies at places like wal-mart and target.

  8. Libby says:

    For stuff like that go online! But for food I usually go to petsmart.

  9. sunfried_84 says:

    I got my puppy’s crate at Rural King. It was the best quality one we could find anywhere and at a decent price. Other than that, I buy him stuff everywhere and anywhere. Most recently at Walgreens. They have some peanut butter treats that he just loves.

  10. Ester says:

    Try posting on freecycle. Someone may give you what you need for free. Also look on craigslist in the pet section.

  11. G.P.save me sum cake MP!♥ says:

    i go to petsmart or petco, or some feed and supply stores. sometimes i go to a private ranch store. really cheap stuff there, and its the same stuff as the bigger commercial stores!

    i feel you man, i just got new tires and paid my insurance. im totally broke. 🙁

  12. jrbw01 says:

    Look on Craig’s List for a kennel for your dog. Get a wire one. They help air circulation so the dog doesn’t get hot.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Walmart. Or Pet Smart.

  14. jpn540 says:

    walmart is fine for what you’re looking for

  15. limelight says:

    I suggest craigslist, alot of people sell used supplies cheap and even donate items.

  16. Courtny W says:

    you can shop at petco

  17. Dobiegang says:

    I shop at Pet Supplies Plus for all my pet stuff.