where do your dogs sleep?

in my old house we had like an entrance hall where we kept the dog and it was all good. now we have moved house (and got another dog) we no longer have an entrance hall and they are sleeping in the kitchien. origonally we took the large pantry door off and put a baby gate on it and they were sleeping in there (pics in previous questions from like aaaages ago) , but now we have a crate aswell for the smaller dog so theyve both got their own space.
now, we dont normally lock them in unless there are visitors around, so they have the full run of the kitchen. im not really comfortable with this as i feel like there are hygene issues although i thoroughly clean every day they seem to make alot of mess! BUT i dont like to keep them crated 10 pm till 6 am i feel thats a bit mean so…
i wouldnt like them in our bedroom…unless maybe we can train them to stay on THEIR bed not ours (highly unlikely with my bf whos v soft n likes a cuddle)lol.
so im wondering where so your dogs sleep? outside? kitchen? lounge?bedroom, bathroom maybe? in a crate? any suggestions are welcome. cheers 🙂 x

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14 Responses to “where do your dogs sleep?”

  1. Proud owner of a maltipoo says:

    My dog sleeps wherever she wants.She has a blanket to lay down on in the living room during the day.She also has her own dog pillow that she stays on during the day.At night she has a crate that’s regularly open for her to go inside if she wants,she has a dog step that she considers a dog bed because I have a small baby pillow(from my brother when he was a baby)on her dog step or she can sleep on my bed.Wherever she wants as long as she’s quiet at night and she’s in my room.

  2. munchkin says:

    why not just let your dogs sleep where they want … if you don’t want them on the bed, block them and train them to stay down or at least get down when told … it sounds like they are old enough to be trusted in the house so let freedom reign :O) my dog sleeps on/in my bed, on the sofa, on her doggie, sofa, in her doghouse, pretty much wherever she dozes off :O)

  3. Ladybird says:

    Our dog has a crate in the kitchen that she sleeps in, but the door isn’t closed. She likes to lay in there. She has access to the kitchen and the family room, but we have a baby gate to keep her out of the rest of the house.

  4. srm2256 says:

    I have night crate trained all my dogs, but my two JRT’s sleep in my bed. My walker sleeps in a crate at the foot of our bed and sleeps the whole night thru and loves her crate. As long as the crate has enough room for them to stretch a little and something comfy under them, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them sleeping in a crate.

  5. MagsLove says:

    I have 3 little dogs that all sleep in the bed, under the covers. 🙂

  6. Monica Crane says:

    In my bed! I always crate train them, then after a while I end up with them on my bed.

  7. Katie says:

    My dog sleeps in the corner of my room in his bed. Then if he is allowed I will be let him on my bed. He is quite small so doesn’t take up too much room. I understand what you mean about leaving them all day. What we tend to do is shut the kitchen living room doors and bathrooms and some of the bedrooms etc and leave him to roam the house. My dog during the day tends to sit at the top of the stairs where he can look out of the window.

  8. AnnaP says:

    On my bed..

  9. brittany93x says:

    in me or my mothers bed

  10. Melchild says:

    Some sleep in the barn sometimes or outside in a newly built dog cage, and the other two live inside on their own homemade doggy beds (half the size of a twin).

  11. Makusi Peter says:

    My puppy sleeps in a cage. Covered with blaankets to keep warm.

  12. Marie says:

    The inside dog sleeps in a doggie box the outside dogs sleep outside under the stars.

  13. ♥ Onyx ♥ ßeśŧ Øf ßŕeeđ Ćhi says:

    In my room on my bed.

  14. ³ ŤŘÍČǨƳ ƊÍCKƳ³----------------- éáŧɱ±áƹº«é says:

    My dog sleeps at the bottom of the stairs or directly outside or bedroom door. He does this to keep the cats away from us as we sleep.

    Some nights, after he has assured himself that the cats are behaving, he will sneak into the living room and sleep on the couch. He thinks we don’t know about it.