Which dog carrier is least likely to melt?

I work in the summer and i cant leave my dog at home. I usually just leave him out in my car but it gets really hot, and his old carrier started to melt in the summer sun.

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8 Responses to “Which dog carrier is least likely to melt?”

  1. Keck Gehring says:

    I find this for you.http://foxbuy.info/426274/dog-carrier
    Gooooood luck (:

  2. mauveme49 says:

    Yep, that’s a troll alright.

  3. (^.=.^) says:

    If your crate was MELTING how do you think your DOG was feeling! You’re lucky the dog didn’t DIE! It’s illegal to leave a dog in a car unattended in the sun! Your car gets hot enough to bake dough. Why don’t you stick your head in an oven and see how it feels and think about that when ever you think to leave your dog in your car!

    Great a dog sitter, join a doggy day care, leave the dog in its crate AT HOME.

    Anything but the car.

  4. Zippy says:

    Dude, that is VERY cruel to do to your dog. If you can’t leave them at home, take them to a doggy day care like someone else mentioned, or get a pet sitter since it might be slightly cheaper. Why can’t you leave your dog at home though? If it’s because of a roommate that doesn’t like dogs, tell them to deal with it! They shouldn’t have moved in knowing you had a dog.

  5. cllconnie11 says:

    you need to leave your dog at home, in its crate with some toys (kong) while you’re at work. not in your car, thats really an awful thing to do to your poor dog.

  6. Panda says:

    Do NOT leave your dog in the car for long periods of time. It is animal abuse and you can be arrested. Find a doggy day care for him to go to while you are at work.

  7. Mikela says:

    You should NEVER leave your dog in your car on a hot day. I hope you know that legally constitutes animal abuse.

  8. ~PapSett~ says:

    Jeez y’all… I smell a troll, and it doesn’t smell very good at ALL.