Which puppy pen should I buy?

My puppy is about 5 months old and we had her for maybe 2 months now. She is a Boxer and Border Collie mix but she is pretty small right now. Right now she is about just under 20 pounds and the vet doesn’t seem to think she’ll grow all that much more. My dog does have some big thigh muscles though and big shoulders but her body and head is pretty small. Really smart dog too.

The dog is pretty good with waiting to go outside to potty. She will go to the front door if she needs to go. She is a little sick though, so I’ve seen her once pee inside, I don’t think she went to the front door first either. Anyway, she is pretty good with everything. There are times when she goes to the bathroom but then we can’t keep a close eye on her. If we let her roam around then she might start biting something she shouldn’t or whatever else.

So, I feel bad putting her in the crate too much because then she can only really lay down or stand up. One other thing is that my sister sometimes brings over her West Highland Terrier puppy and I’m thinking they could be put in the pen together.(?)

I’m thinking of buying a puppy pen but they are really expensive for me right now. They’re actually a pretty good price if they serve their purpose, but still expensive for me.


I was thinking of getting the 6-panel but I’m not sure I’ll really need one that big. I think when she gets older the thing could be pointless. Maybe 4-panel would be enough.


I’m not sure which size would be best but it looks really good.


this one looks like it could be the best deal, but I’m not sure how well it stands up. Reviews seem good and from the last picture shown with the dog sitting in the middle it looks like a good amount of space. Best deal?

Would you recommend I spend the money on the crate? And I could keep it for resale or reuse with another puppy. Do most of you use these and if so which ones?

Which of the pens would you choose? Why?

Thank you all

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3 Responses to “Which puppy pen should I buy?”

  1. mauveme49 says:

    Buy the large one. You can wrap the extra two panels around to make it smaller until she grows. Better to have more room than not enough…If you are putting it outside get some tent stakes to make sure it doesn’t tip over if the dog jumps up..

  2. ? says:

    I have a gold x-pen form petco it has like 6 panels and its 4ft tall when we took out dog on vacation we put her in their becuase she couldn’t just run all over the hotel. We also put her in their at night becuase she is a counter surfer. It is used for alot of stuff accually ,like when people come over and are scared of her (Y? becuase they are crazy) she goes in their to make them feel more safe. When kids come over she goes in becuase she nips heels (its the herding in the border collie) but yeah my og is full BC and she loves her kennel she also have a 13×7.5 kennel out side with a 6x4x4 house..

  3. XxBrittanyXx says:

    I’d pick the smallest pen so the dog feels secure at this young age (they like to be tightly enclosed) once the dog grows too big for it, buy a cheap bigger one that the dog can go in whenever it pleases.