Why does my dog do a dig-n-spin move before sleeping?

I just wasted about 10 minutes watching my dog dig in my bed, turn, and dig some more before ultimately laying in a ball. I have both a male and a female, when I put them in the cage, this process doesn’t exist. Why do dogs do this dig-n-turn? Why do dogs feel the need to groom themselves in a bed rather than their bed? I’ve never seen a big dog does this, why is that?

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15 Responses to “Why does my dog do a dig-n-spin move before sleeping?”

  1. Will says:

    it is to make it comfortable..just like fluffing our pillows before going to sleep or straightening our mattress cover

  2. Sonneblom says:

    Mine does the same. They are just getting their sleep place comfortable of themselves. So they can have a restless night sleep

  3. irishjen1984 says:

    Dogs of all shapes in sizes do this. It’s just a matter of the dogs preference. Some dogs turn in circles befor going potty. It’s just basically your dogs way or making the area he will rest in comfortable. It’s the equivalent of you making your bed & fluffing your pillows. The reason your dog doesn’t go through this process while in a crate with another dog is because space is limited.

  4. Larry M says:

    This is a behavior left over from being wild, you have to dig and twirl to make your bed in wild grass. Cats do it too, even on your lap lol.

    All dogs come from wolves if you go far enough back, and I imagine little dogs being smaller and needing to repeat this behavior more often kept the instinct more intact. That would be my geuss, animals don’t do much without reason.

  5. crzyblondehoopsgurl says:

    Your dog does a dig-n-spin cause thats how it gets comfortable so it could lay down.

  6. married mum says:

    In the wild dogs turn to flatten the grass so they have a makeshift ‘bed’. This instinct has remained in many dogs… they will still turn repeatedly to ‘flatten and make their bed’.

  7. alex_chamberlain says:

    Just a basic instinct. A quick nesting to prepare a cozy place for the night. Imagine these moves outside under a bush or in the grass. You dig a little to loosen the ground and scratch some grass together then turn once or more to assume a comfy position and drop. Good Night 😉

    I find though, that more small dogs I’ve known do it than big dogs. Maybe the crate doesn’t feel like they can turn in it? It is a place YOU put them to rest as opposed to them finding their own place to prepare to rest … that’s my idea.

  8. SureKat says:

    To make sure they hit just the right spot. It’s a goodnight thing for a lot of dogs. Also fun to watch, nothing to worry about. That’s very cute sounds like a great dog!!! All the best;^)

  9. Quynh O says:

    My dog does the same thing. I think it just makes it comfortable for them…… Or maybe it make a hole and they get to lay in that hold and it makes them warm… That’s what I think not actually sure.. hope it helps

  10. DR. Connect says:

    Dogs get stressed… he might be feeling really stressed and finds that doing anything to make himself comfortable

  11. ATL♥GiRL says:

    my dog does that to. I think they are trying to make thereselves more comfortable and adjust how they want there sheets. Its normal..!

  12. sobrien says:

    why do you move your sheets and blankets around and move the pillow and fluff it up and all?

    they just want to get comfortable.

  13. Tina C says:

    dogs do that kinda like we fluff our pillows dogs do that like making their bed comfortable

  14. Boss says:

    it’s getting comfy

  15. Ken C says:

    The "dig and spin" is a leftover from the dog’s ancient instincts and behavior…it would use its paws to remove leaves, debris, twigs, and junk from the ground, then spin around to flatten and smooth the ground to prepare a sleeping spot in the wild. Just something that some dogs still do…