Why does my dog have to stay at the groomer all day?

Why doesn’t the groomer groom my dog at the time of my appointment much like when you go to a hair salon? Instead it takes 4 hours usually ..most of that time my dog is sitting in a small cage! I’ve been to several places and it’s the same everywhere I go.
I don’t wish to discuss this with my groomer so maybe i’ll get an answer here.

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12 Responses to “Why does my dog have to stay at the groomer all day?”

  1. Ebony Beadles says:

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  2. Kate M says:

    There are groomers who do 1 dog at a time and the dogs are usually not in a cage unless it is before of after they are getting done. These groomers book it so that they have time to do each dog with limited overlap. They base times on the size, breed, coat and what is needed to be done. Most of the time a groom takes about 2 hours, but it can be more of less depending on the individual dog.

    Try finding smaller grooming salons. Ask locally owned pet stores, vets and people with dogs (especially if you like how the dog is groomed). Some places don’t advertise much, so it may be hard to find them.

    You should talk with your groomer about your concerns. See if they have a day when they are less busy and you can try booking then. Tell the groomer that you would like to limit the amount of time your dog it there and see what they can do to help you out.

  3. bluebonnetgranny says:

    It takes about 2 hours to groom most dogs. When I was a groomer I had things scheduled so that any dog did not spend more than 3 hours with me. Most of the time the dogs interacted with each other & were not placed in a cage unless their behavior called for it. As soon as the dog was groomed the owners got a call saying their dog was ready to go home. But in many cases the dog is dropped off before they go to work & the dog is picked up after work, so I had them all day.

    I usually had three dogs come in at the same time. By the time I had three dogs roughed in, one would be ready to finish. I most always had a brusher & bather.& didn’t take the time to do it myself. That is an easy job that does not require experience.

    Ask to stay while your dog is being groomed. That is one thing I encouraged. Most places do not want the owners there. It is very distracting for a groom cause the dog always wants saved by owners. Once owners see what all goes on they have a new respect for the job. they never realized what kind of effort is in a groom.

  4. ms manners says:

    For the same reason that you sit in the waiting room at the doctor, even though you have an appointment.

    They schedule appointments for their convenience, but things dont usually run the way they should, and they get behind.

    My mother has a mobile groomer who comes to her house with a trailer, and does the dogs there. Her dogs just wait in the house until the groomer is ready for them. That might be a better option for you.

  5. Steve E says:

    I would say unlike people grooming dogs is not as efficient so grooming shops do each dog in stages and they are probably grooming a number of dogs at the same time. So they set a side more time. I figure if you wanted one on one service then look for a groomer that works out of there home and tell them that is what you want and you will probably pay more for it.

  6. missnaula says:

    I agree w/ the first post … It’s drying time. If you tell the groomer you want your dog back ASAP after the bath, they should be able to give you your dog back earlier (wet of course).

  7. Barefoottrimmer says:

    they are always working on several dogs/animals at a time. Depends on what has to be done, how labor intensive each dog is, drying time can be a lot different. these people are pushed to pump up the volume and it does not matter how much you have to wait or inconvenience, it is about the $$$$.

  8. happy2luvk9s says:

    I don’t know which groomer you use, but the reason is for the dog to calm down. Now with my groomer, who is at my vet’s, they like to get all of the dogs in at one time (about 8) and they go over with you how you want your dog groomed and then when they are ready they call. But it takes a while to groom the dog. After they are groomed, the dog is probably happy because of how much better they feel so yet again, they need a k-9 time out to chill out and calm down.

  9. Rayven ~ New Year Same Old Shyte says:

    Yeah because god knows talking to the actual GROOMER vs strangers is so the way to go. If you aren’t happy with the wait time – start grooming the dog yourself.

    If its a popular and big shop odds are good they have multiple dogs to handle not to mention have you ever actually thought about how long you can actually spend at a hair salon for even the most BASIC of things? More so when the stylist is handling multiple clients at once?

  10. Dog Section Regular says:

    I would assume it’s like when you bring your car into the shop, it’s an all day thing because they have other cars to work on.

    My guess is, they have lots of dogs to groom so they don’t get to yours right away, even if you have an appointment. Also very much like when you go to the doctors! You have an appt, but do you ever get seen ON time? No, they get backed up for one reason or another, and then they finally get to you. Sounds like the same with dog grooming. But I could be wrong.

    * EDIT: The first poster has a point, if a Newfoundland came in before yours, it’s going to be a while before yours is worked on! Breed, size, and coat play a factor in the speediness of a groom.

  11. *Carnage* says:

    each dog is different….and each animal takes diffferent grooming technique….and besides, it takes real hairy dogs a long time to dry thoroughly—–

  12. munchkin says:

    you should ask if your dog is being sedated … i asked a groomer the exact same thing and imagine my shock when she said it was so they had long enough for the sedation to wear off … and i asked for the same reason too, i lived close by and i thought why does the dog have to be there six hours … i changed to a groomer who came to my house …