Why does my dog want to bite my guests when they leave my home?

I have a seven year old yorkie and has never shown aggression until this spring. He lunged at my mail carrier and bit her leg. Then when friends would come to my home for a visit he would try and bite. He lunged at a young boy trying to bite him. Now his habit is when my guests want to leave the house, he tries to bite them. Why?

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3 Responses to “Why does my dog want to bite my guests when they leave my home?”

  1. cobaltspero says:

    many times when a dog bites someone who is walking away is because they are too scared to do it when the person is facing them. but as soon as they are not looking, he gets ballsy and goes to attack. it is because they have their back turned and don’t see the dog coming to get them which in turn makes the dog feel more confident.

  2. ladystang says:

    needs training if no medical problem.

  3. mauveme49 says:

    Needs training. Put him in another room away from the guests. Not fair on them to be subjected to him and get bit. Only common sense.