Why does my Italian Greyhound keep whining in his kennel?

My wife and I have had our Iggy for over a year and a half now. For the first 15 months he was fine with his kennel. We would say go to bed and he would run in it and sleep all night. One night there was a bad storm and he broke out. It had a mesh door and he tore it open. Since then he breaks out constantly and whines all night. We bought a new kennel/crate and he broke out the first night. We are planning on buying a metal crate but are wondering what we can do to get him to stop whining and trying to break out. Also wondering if anyone knows why he doesn’t want to stay in there anymore.

I need to point one thing out. My husband wrote this question, not me.

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One Response to “Why does my Italian Greyhound keep whining in his kennel?”

  1. Frankie says:

    Your puppy associated the kennel with the storm that freaked him out. Try putting some of your dirty, worn, clothes in the kennel with him so he can ‘smell’ you. And maybe move his kennel in to room for a while so he will be near you. He might be calmer and settle down to sleep if he can hear you, (try talking to him to sooth him) and smell you. You are his people, he should feel safe with you near by.