Why don't my dogs react to high pitched sound?

I have two pit bulls but we’re taking care of a third one. They all bark and it drives us crazy when they do and they will do so out the window when no body is outside. We bought one of those tools that emits a high pitched sound if the dogs bark. No matter where we place it- I place it in front of the places they bark towards most often- yet they still bark so damn loud without stop. I just don’t understand. I will even put it right on top or in front of their kennels while they’re in there yet they will still bark.

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2 Responses to “Why don't my dogs react to high pitched sound?”

  1. Selena Camarena says:

    maybe they have an infection in there ears you might wanna go to a vet a profeshanol

  2. Shelter dog's rule Turkey time says:

    Some dogs just don’t reacat to high picted sounds and dosen’t bug them.