Why my dog pees in his cage?

He is a 3 year old dog, so it isn’t a puppy issue. He has been doing it a while and it seems to be for no reason. I could let him out 10 times a day and right before I put him in the cage and he would still pee in his cage. He doesn’t care if the cage is little or big, he has had both. He will lay in the urine or lay right next to it. The other day I had just taken him outside and watched him pee for at what seemed like minutes, put him in the cage, and I didn’t even get a chance to leave the room he was already peeing in the cage. When he pees outside he does a sort of squat but when he lifts his leg to pee on the wall of the cage. Can anyone help?

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7 Responses to “Why my dog pees in his cage?”

  1. CanadianPatriot says:

    I would suggest going to the Vet first to rule out a medical reason such as urinary infection/disease.

    Dog behavior at it’s most basic instinct is never to pee in their den (crate). When they do pee in their crate, there is usually some mental damage done to the dog that causes this behavior, especially since you describe a dog that has plenty of pee breaks.

    Some of these mental problems come from abuse.

    Another issue could be he is just marking. If let’s say you wash out his crate and blankets and then put it back in, and then he immediately pees on the fresh stuff, it could be as simple as this dog wants his stuff to smell like his scent. Changing the crates won’t help becuase they have different scents.

    Another scent based issue is a dog stepping on grass then stepping into the crate too soon. The new sent of grass inside his crate will make him want to mark over that scent. This is easy to test. WHen you take your dog back inside the home after a pee or walk break. get a towel and wipe it’s paws. try to get rid of any trace scents. Then see if the dog pees in the crate. It might be that simple.

    First however, I suggest a vet visit to rule things out.

  2. Mrs. Crawler says:

    he is protesting being in the cage. At 3 I am not sure what behaviorally can be done.

  3. Acinonyx says:

    Well if he was taking a longer time than is usual to pee outside, like you talked about, you need to take him to the vet very soon/quickly. He most likely has a urinary infection or a kidney problem. This can also explain the frequent urinating in his cage. Good luck!

    PS. I see that some other answerers are suggesting that you put his nose in it. Let me be the one to inform you that this method is COMPLETELY horrid! It will NOT work, is CRUEL, and will make your dog hate you. Don’t do it. When you make mistakes, no one shoves your nose into it, now do they?

  4. Ron Dinkleman says:

    I don’t think this is something you should try to stop. My wife and I gain a lot of pleasure from this ;P.

  5. Lebob says:

    he could be marking his territory , or he pees in it, in hope you will take him out the cage, becaus he doesn’t like the cage.

  6. Babe says:

    umm hit him n put his nose in it, thats what we did with my dog and she stoped

  7. missycarmalita says:

    Its possible he has anxiety issues with being in a crate.
    My puppy is the same way. She gets nervous when she has been in her cage and i let her out to go potty. for my husband she will not come out no matter what, and sometimes the same with me. That’s the best answer i could think of!