Why won't my dog chew her bone when in her cage?

I have a lab/shepard mix (40 lbs).
We keep her in her cage when we go to work, which is never longer than 4 hours between the two of us. Sometimes we give her a rawhide bone as a treat. But if we leave it with her in her cage she will not touch it until she’s back out of the cage. Once she’s out of the cage she grabs it and devours it. We are very curious if anyone knows why she won’t eat a treat in her cage.

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3 Responses to “Why won't my dog chew her bone when in her cage?”

  1. Ash-Bash says:

    Maybe she hates being in her cage and is being stubborn 🙂

  2. Kendall Blackwood says:

    She is probably very picky, I have a boxer and she wont go in her cage if her food bowl is sitting in it empty, I don’t think its anything bad, also my dog won’t eat a certain bone unless my dad holds it for her, it’s just your dog being picky (;