will a smaller lab mix fit?

in a crate that is about 28x22x24? Delta airlines biggest kennel they will accept is 36x24x26, is that even big enough?

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3 Responses to “will a smaller lab mix fit?”

  1. Ocimom says:

    Well airlines can fly great danes. Can you test out the crate size before you decide to ship? Its rare for something to happen to the dog or cat when being shipped in cargo.

    I’ve had several cats shipped or been shipped to me and nothing ever went wrong.

  2. Pheebster says:

    Hmmm I don’t know, but I personally wouldn’t fly with a dog that large, especially since they have to ride in the cargo area. 1 in 100 dogs in the cargo area dies. Consider driving…

  3. durdenslabs says:

    A purebred Lab will stand up to 24" tall. Their length is about 48" from head to butt (a guess). Width is maybe a little over a foot.

    Measure your dog from snout to tail and floor to head and see what you get. You will also need to make sure he can turn around otherwise they won’t take him either.